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Gil and Renee Beavers, renowned authors and marriage and relationships coaches, are the dynamic duo behind the Rich Relationships Refuge Book, Podcast, and YouTube Channel. With an impressive 35 years of marital bliss, they stand as living proof of the principles they espouse.

Their journey together has not only solidified their bond but has also fueled their passion for helping others build and sustain fulfilling relationships.

For the past 18 years, Gil and Renee have dedicated themselves to serving couples across the United States and Europe.

Their unique approach blends wisdom gained from personal experiences with professional expertise, creating a transformative impact on the lives of countless individuals seeking guidance in matters of the heart.

In their written work, captivating podcasts, and engaging videos, the Beavers share invaluable insights into the intricacies of marriage and relationships.

Their empathetic and relatable style resonates with audiences, making them trusted sources of advice in the realm of love and partnership. Gil and Renee Beavers are not just coaches; they are beacons of hope, illuminating the path to rich and meaningful relationships for all who seek their wisdom.

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OUR Family



Gil and Renée are originally from Detroit, Michigan. Their relationship started with a simple act of Renee rolling her pencil off her desk and Gil picking it up.  They never knew such a small act would create a thirty-seven-year legacy of love. Gil and Renée were only twenty-one when they happily committed to until death do us part.Gil retired from the Air Force, and Renée is a former salon owner who has been an entrepreneur and now an author for over thirty years.  They have lived in over thirteen cities throughout the United States and Germany.



Gill & Renee | Rich Relationships
Gil & Renée Beavers



They are proud parents to an amazing and talented daughter, Aharon (pronounced like Sharon, except with an A). They also adopted Renée's little sisters (Carmen and Monique) after a family tragedy. Today they each have loving families of their own.

This couple has helped many other couples establish a new habit of love to strengthen their marriage relationship through their tested relationship tools and principles and as marriage facilitators through the Prepare and Enrich Marriage program. Let's get empty of the pain from our past, unforgiveness, resentment, shame, and uncommunicated expectations. Then we can live lives filled with love and healthy relationships.





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A Date in the Forest


Are you single,dating and seeking marriage?  Well, look no further we have the blueprint. Gil & Renée are the Professional Relationship Authors, Speakers, and Coaches you have been seaching for. Contact RICH Relationships Refuge Marriage Mentors. 

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