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Relationships Refuge is a solution-based program designed to empower singles and couples to learn new principles, practice new habits, and build Rich relationships in a like-minded community.

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The essence of the Rich Relationships project is to provide support and a safe community for couples and families in need of marriage guidance. Empowering couples to build, repair, and restore their relationships by applying biblical principles is the mission of the Rich Relationship Project. Gil & Renée model and teach the secrets to their marital oneness. Their Podcast & books will equip couples who join them with the relationship skills many of us may have lacked at the beginning of our marital journey. Join us as we break the silence of past and present pain and dysfunction. 



Thank you to everyone who is reading and sharing this website. It means a lot to Gil & Renee to have your support. Growing up in Detroit, this couple was exposed to and empowered by people who were not afraid to build each other up.


It was as if they understood that each person and individual dream played a vital role in our communities' overall success, which caused them to respond with action and participation. What are we doing to maintain that astounding legacy of hope? I believe that we are stronger together. Again thank you all. Remember, we are stronger together. Let's grow! We are so proud to be from Detroit and to serve other couples around the globe!!

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