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Blue Colored Smoke in Alley
Rich relationships by Gill & Renee

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Rich Relationship

Why a workbook? Thirty-two years ago, when Gil & Renée said I do. A co-worker told young Gil, "If you want to have a good marriage, all you need to do is work on his marriage." Gil stood waiting to gain his inspiration and instruction, but he gave nothing! No words of wisdom or insight.

 Gil & Renée then began their marital journey at twenty-one, understanding marriage was work. They did not know what that work was. 

Now the couple understands there is no such thing as marriage problems. There are only individual problems that individuals bring into their marriage. It's time for marriage to stop getting a bad rap.

 Individuals have to unpack their past pain before beginning a new life with another person. If you suck at being single, you will suck at being married.

After more than three decades of marriage, Gil & Renèe's new book RICH RELATIONSHIPS REFUGE ONENESS CODE WORKBOOK will not only ask the uncomfortable questions need to build repair and restore healthy rich relationships. 

Gil & Renèe will provide a support system and a community of others on the path to Oneness in relationships. Finally, we have a clear path toward understanding the work of healthy relationships. Please pick up the workbook and get to work; it's not a job. It's work...

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Blue Colored Smoke in Alley


Rich Relationships

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