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"At the heart of every matter, there is a matter of the heart." We all have the same basic needs: love, belonging, security, and purpose. "When we grow up in an environment where any one of our core requirements is left unmet, we could spend a lifetime treating the symptoms without ever looking inward.

Denial won't fill the emptiness inside our heart. Our secrets are keeping us we are not keeping them we must open up and let them go.

No one can examine our heart except us.

We have to ask ourselves the hard questions, or we could end up isolated and alone. When we don't look inwardly, we hold others hostage with our misplaced blame, and in return, we never grow or change.

By choosing this action, we push away the vehicle that God wants to use most to help us grow and change our relationships.

God created us to live in relationships.

We must examine our hearts daily and empty our hearts of un-forgiveness and secrets.

Read Chapter 119: Psalm 119:10

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