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Mother's Day

Mother's Day

A mother is a precious gift from heaven up above. She gives you life and love and always shows her love.

She guides you on your journey and teaches you right from wrong. She's there to pick you up again when life's road seems too long.

She gives you hugs and kisses and wipes away your tears. She's your biggest cheerleader and soothes away your fears.

So here's to all the mothers who give their best each day.

A mother's love is like no other, it's selfless, and it's true; it's there to comfort and guide us in all we pursue.

A mother's love is like a light that shines through the darkest days. It gives us strength and lifts us when we're dazed.

A mother's love is like a shield that protects us from life's harm. It guards us with her gentle touch and keeps us safe and warm.

A mother's love is like a song that joyfully fills our hearts. It echoes through our memories and never will destroy. So may your love come back to you in a memorable way.

So here's to all the mothers. Thank you for your endless love on this special day, and Happy Mother's Day! Renee

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