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When you elevate your views, you broaden your vision.

After three weeks at home recuperating from an accident, I am back on the road again! I am so accustomed to my weekly rotation of flights and training schedules, so it’s nice to travel again after a hiatus. This week is different because I am taking a road trip instead of flying. If you know me, you know I hate to drive! I mean I hate driving. I’ll take an airplane any day over a car. I am fascinated with airplanes for so many reasons. My rationale is that four hours in a car gets me to Savannah from Atlanta, but four hours on a plane gets me across the country!

The number one reason I love airplanes other than their ability to expedite travel is the view from the sky. Now don’t get me wrong, a scenic road trip with picturesque views is nice, but I would rather see the whole forest instead of a tree at a time. See my view of the trees shape my vision in believing the whole forest is real because I have seen it for myself from my vantage point. No one can describe it to me in all its glory unless they themselves have seen it from the air. Let me elaborate on my perspective. What I’m talking about is vantage point.

Your view from a car is not the same as the view from a plane.

If you have never been on a plane, you would not believe that you can see an entire city from one window if you are accustomed to looking at the city from the street one building at a time. Now your view from the street is not wrong, it just isn’t on the same level of someone looking from a plane. To the person in the car, the building looks tall. To the person in a plane, the building is small. It’s a spec in their view from the thousands of feet in the air. See, the reason I believe I can leap a tall building is not because of Superman. It’s because I use the vehicle available to me to leap that building, which in this case is a plane. Please understand that this is supernatural thinking! What level are you thinking on? Are you using what you have to change your view so you have broader vision? Remember I said that I can be across country in four hours on a plane? Well planes go farther faster because they use more fuel and take more risks. Let me make sure you caught that… The 737 aircraft, the most common passenger plane in the world will burn up to 5,000 pounds of fuel in one hour. A car is not equipped to carry that much fuel. It is not made for that much power. How much fuel can you carry? How much fuel do you have to keep going when there’s turbulence? Do you have enough fuel to get off the ground and to keep you in the air?

There is a reason that cars go forward, planes take-off and rockets launch. What is your vehicle that creates your views? Are you using your gifts or are you settled into complacency? Are you educating and grooming yourself for your dreams or waiting on someone else to do the work? Are you riding the waves of the success of family and friends or are you building your own as you watch them grow? What mental and spiritual fuel are you taking in? You don’t put regular gas in a luxury car, and you don’t put auto fuel in a rocket. What you put in is what you get out. With each vehicle, there is an increased capacity to carry more weight and propel higher based on the amount and quality of fuel it holds. To change your vision, you must change your view. To change your view, it requires more fuel. I have often heard some people say, “If God meant for us to fly, He would have given us wings.” The truth is, He did! He gave someone the incredible wisdom to create a way to fly. It may not be the vehicle you were waiting on, but it gets the job done. Are you going faster and farther using the answer God sent you, or will you stay on the ground where is comfortable and safe? When you elevate your views, you broaden your vision. Go Higher & Activate Your Vision! Melissa D.

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Reneé McCrary
Reneé McCrary
17 may 2021

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